Lützowplatz – Block 234, Mario Botta, Peter Cook and others

Across Lützowplatz from the ongoing demolition of O M Ungers’ block is the ‘Residential Park on Lützowplatz”, a substantial block of buildings all built as part of the International Bauaustellung 1984/1984 (for which more see here and here).

Just some images and a bit of info here.  If for some reason you’re desperate to know more detail than I’ve mentioned, do get in touch.  More images at Flickr.

For me, this is another example of Critical Reconstruction’s successful side (the less successful being such windswept blandities as Pariser Platz).

Corner block by Mario Botta:

And one next door by Peter Cook (he of Archigram) and Christine Hawley

and the rear of both blocks

The outer blocks protect an inner area which includes open space and a school, then gradually integrates into earlier (and later) buildings to the south, including the iconic transformer station by Max and Karl Dudler, with its deliberate industrial brick/steel separation aesthetic echoing earlier such buildings in Berlin:

Less convinced by this…



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