Kreuzberg Block 101, School by Werkfabrik

A tantalising glimpse (as they say) of part of a school building ingeniously knitted into Block 101 of the IBA Altbau programme.  Faintly reminiscent in its detailing of the late Ralph Erskine (who is curiously absent from the IBA roster list, given that his whole ethos fitted so well with that of the IBA).

The block is bounded by Lausitzer Platz, Skalitzer Strasse, Manteuffelstrasse and Waldemarstrasse; the images were taken through a gap in the 19th century perimeter buildings on Lausitzer Platz.  The school occupies the cleared core of the block with a newbuild element (shown) as well as some of the existing buildings.  The interesting glazed tower and adjoining structure links to the upper floors of one of these older buildings.

It’s only one of many schools revitalised or created by the IBA Altbau programme, of which more another day.

Post blog note:

Have changed the attribution of the block to Werkfabrik, who got in touch (see comment), so my apologies.  The listing in the IBA 1987 Project Report is complicated, and I’m guessing further confused by translation (the terms ‘planning’ and ‘design’ seem interchangeable) so for completeness I will quote in full:

School: preliminary report Burtin/Schulz, co-operative planning procedure (Archiplan, Burtin/Schulz, Werkfabrik); work on planning documents: Werkfabrik; educational plan for the neighbourhood school: Zimmer.

Child day-care centre: preliminary design – Werkfabrik.

2 thoughts on “Kreuzberg Block 101, School by Werkfabrik

  1. Hello,

    please change the name: the school is designed by Werkfabrik.

    Thank you, Margarete Winkes (Werkfabrik Berlin)

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