IBA Neubau Block 9 – Towers on Wilhelmstrasse

I say towers, because these are possibly the tallest couple of projects in the IBA programme, and pretty tall structures for Berlin.

These are on Wilhelmstrasse just south of the Topography of Terror site, and I think slightly more impressive on paper than in person.  Perhaps it’s the uninspired materials and detailing; possibly some ‘value engineering’ was applied before they started to build?

Each of the two schemes combines a tower with lower rise blocks, with the two towers forming a prominent feature on the street.

To the south, a tower and single low rise block by Dietrich von Beulwitz (Berlin) and Pietro Rossi (Turin):

Then a tower which joins two lower rise blocks, by “Grup 2c” – Salvador Tarrago Cid, Juan Theilacker-Pons und Partner (Barcelona), Rainer Döring and Babriele Ruoff (Berlin), Jochen Brandi und Partner (Göttingen).  A lot of people for an unremarkable building, you’d be forgiven for thinking.


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