IBA Block 88, Kreuzberg, by Rave/Rave

If you walk a block along from the apartments on Fraenkelufer, crossing over Kottbusser to where it become Paul-Lincke-Ufer, is a triangular-plan block following the same idea as Fraenkelufer (a mixture of newbuild and retained blocks enclosing a landscaped courtyard) but perhaps without as much charm – you’ve crossed an invisible line around Kottbusser Tor where buildings seem to take on a grittier, dirtier feel and become ‘social housing’. (This is not, by the way, some veiled racist comment about the Turkish population which predominates around the Tor, just an observation that sadly, social housing seems to often unintentially have the effect of ghetto-ising poorer neighbourhoods.)

Anyway, worth a stroll around, as an example of the sheer scale of what was achieved by the IBA, at least in terms of creating successful places to live in an area where things could have continued to slide downhill…

By Rave/Rave (later Rave & Partners?).

Some images, which I took on my camera phone (I’d only popped out to get milk and bread) so not great quality.

Elevation on Mariannenstrasse

Corner of Mariannenstrasse / Reichenberger Strasse

then inside…


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