IBA 1984/1987, Block 647 (Part 1)

An interesting design for a child daycare centre on Lützowstrasse, by Jäsper Halfmann and Klaus Zillich, featuring a kind of winter garden room on its southeastern side.

Difficult to get a long shot – damn those trees, other buildings, cars, people etc. They really get in the way of architecture.

And on the same steet, some front blocks forming entrance ways to two streets of mews houses – an interesting idea, even if much more common in London than Berlin.  If you follow the mews through, you come out near a stretch of IBA townhouses on Lützow Ufer / Schoneberger Ufer, including a bridge which was also part of the IBA.

The entrance blocks are by Vittorio Gregotti, Augusto Cagnardi, Pierluigi Cerri and Hiromichi Matsui, since you ask.

Below, the block at the end of the news, which looks stands on Lutzowufer.  It’s by Erich Schneider-Wessling, with Hanno Lagemann and Zeki Dinekli:


2 thoughts on “IBA 1984/1987, Block 647 (Part 1)

  1. I am writing a short critical essay about the IBA projects in Berlin for my B(Arch), most likely focussing on the Tiergarten area. I will be studying the structure of the area in terms of public and private open space, street frontages etc but I do not know much about Berlin and do not know where to start, do you have any maps of the IBA projects (digital or otherwise) that would tell me where each building was? Thank you very much for any advice you can give 🙂

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