Studying for a PhD at University College London, looking at older people creating cohousing projects for themselves in Berlin.

Previous lives:

Lived in Berlin, ran Hudson’s (a British cafe / bakery), also wrote and blogged about architecture on this site and elsewhere for a few years, in particular the IBA (building exhibition) in West Berlin in the 1980s.

Prior to that… worked for various architecture practices in London.

A record of some of the things I’ve written (for hard cash, as opposed to this blog) can be found at the innovatively titled blog,  Jim Hudson – writing.


I also wrote a few blog posts from London at https://betavilleblurb.wordpress.com/


7 thoughts on “About

  1. i reckon the vw campervan would work well in a berlin apartment. Perhaps an airsteam as well. Just sitting at dubai aprport about to fly to berlin (via istanbul) and stumbled on your excelent blog. Love the photos. what do camera do you use?

    • Thanks for the comment! Glad you like the blog.

      The camera is… my girlfriend’s. It’s a Canon Eos 400D. I’m a (very) amateur photogrpaher, but do a bit of ‘fixing’ with the photos just using Picasa.


  2. Nice blog. I appreciate your focus on modern berlin. So many people get caught up in the complex history that they overlook some of the recent events and design going on.

    I am also an architect in Berlin spending my time blogging and looking for work. I missed your last meet up but will try to make the next one. In the meantime check out http://www.talkitect.com. I would love if you would add a link to it from your site.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. jim, I translated a catalogue for the exhibition city of architecture, architecture of the city in the neues museum before the reno. tells you a lot about the “modern period” from 1900-2000, there is a book of the same name, nicolai verlag, in english or german, the catalogue only got published in german afaik. berlin is a city of invisible -architectural- layers. so many modern buildings have been replaced by more modern buildings. The Ghosts of Berlin: Confronting German History in the Urban Landscape by Brian Ladd was recommended to me recently by an irish jouro living here. have not got around to reading it yet. regards. nice site, tho I have to say I’m not a blog lover (or should that be “blover”?).

  4. Hi Jim,
    I am a mature ager student of architectural theory/history and have an assignment in which I have to select a topic in contemporary architectural theory and then show how it addresses the overall theme of ‘practice-theory”. I have chosen to research postmodernism and in particular I am interested in urban design theory. I thought an good example of this is the IBA in Berlin, but have been told to be very specific. I need to choose a couple of significant buildings/developments which really highlight the characteristics of postmodern architecture and incorporate the new urban design adopted by the IBA planners. Can you help? I was thinking of buildings in the Kreuzberg quarter – particularly one of the refirbished Mietskaserne.

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