A bibliography

Think it’s right to list out a few books that have been useful, ranging from guidebooks you can buy in tourist offices through to some out-of-prints lent/given by friends.  And you thought I was just making stuff up.

A selection on the IBA.  By no means everything available, just as much as I could carry from the Berlin TU library in one go:

“IBA Berlin 1984, ‘Erste Projekte’ (‘First Projects’)” (German with Eng. translaion), Quadriga GmbH, 1981.  This is the second volume of an official ongoing published record of the IBA Neubau, edited and partly written by Josef Paul Kleihues.  It has substantial background, with example projects, including unsuccessful competition entries.  Referred to as ‘IBA 1984’ as this was prior to the delayed 1987 date.

“Internationale Bauaustellung Berlin 1984/87, Die Neubaugebiete” (German only), Gerd Hatje publ. 1993.  By Josef Paul Kleihues.  This is technically volume 7 of the above series, basically a retrospective of all the Nebau work.  A very detailed record, including extensive completed images and plans/drawings.

“Internationale Bauaustellung Berlin 1987, Projektubersicht (‘Project Overview’)” Publ. 1987 by Felgentreff & Goebel GmbH.  Published in 1987, so many projects incomplete, but this gives a complete list of every single project, including the Altbau, right down to landscaping, parks etc.  I’ve recently borrowed an english version from a friend, published in 1990, which has some additional commentary following the fall of the wall – very interesting.  Many more projects are advanced/completed, and Libeskind’s Jewish Museum proposals seem to have been taken ‘under the wing’ of the IBA.

“A + U (Architecture & Urbanism) Extra Edition”, May 1987. ( Japanese and English).  The fullest independent account at the time of the IBA, with loads of glossy photos, including interesting background on some of the Altbau projects.

Other non-IBA stuff, in no particular order:

Arnt Cobbers – “Architecture In Berlin: The 100 Most Important Buidings & Urban Settings” (English version), Jaron Verlag GmbH, Berlin, my copy 2002 ed., but frequently revised and updated. German original “Architekturfuhrer. Die 100 wichtigsten Berliner Bauwerke”.

Matthias Donath – “Architecture In Berlin 1933 -1945: A Guide Through Nazi Berlin” (English version, 1st ed. 2006), Lukas Verlag, 2005.  German original “Bunker, Banken, Reichskanzlei: Architekturfuhrer Berlin 1933 – 1945”.

Michael Imhof, Leon Krempel – “Berlin – New Architecture, A guide to new buildings” (English version), Michael Imhof Verlag, my copy 3rd ed. 2002, but frequently revised/updated.

Kathleen James-Chakraborty – “German Architecture for a Mass Audience”, Routledge, 2000.

Brian Ladd – “The Ghosts of Berlin (Confronting German History In The Urban Landscape)”, University of Chicago Press, English. Mine is a quite out-of-date 1st edition 1997, but an absolute must for anyone interested in Berlin and its recent past.

Petra Reichensperger (editor) – “The Making of Alex (Berlin Alexanderplatz Urban Art Stories)“, Revolver, 2005.  Exhibition catalogue of a major art installation programme at Alexanderplatz, but also contains substantial essays on its history, future etc (in English and German).

Ursula Zellor and others – “Two German Architectures: 1949 – 1989”, exhibition catalogue for Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen, 2004.

Chris van Uffelen (editor) – “Berlin: architecture and design”, 2003 ed, teNeues

Bauhaus-Archiv GmbH – “Die Moderne in Berlin”, annotated city plan, available from the Bauhaus-Archiv shop.  German only.

Hansaviertel Berlin annotated guide/map, 2007, available from the Burgerverein Hansaviertel visitor centre on site.

Note – I’ve omitted German accents from spellings in the above list, as it’s been a long day, frankly, and this is just a blog after all.


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