Markthalle IX, and designs on Spreeufer. (19 Sept 2011)

You’ve doubtless noticed that my blogging days are largely gone, at least for the foreseeable future, due mainly to a rather intensive (and I guess self-imposed) day job.  But I reserve the right to occasionally post something catching my eye.

I’m a local sort of person these days, but luckily the location of this locality is, in my opinion, by far the most exciting bit of Berlin that there is. Markthalle IX, one of the city’s many fine late 19th century market buildings, is being resurrected as of the 1 October; the market group has taken on urbanist-happening architect folk Raumlabor, who have much good stuff about it on their site.

Anyhoo, before that, there’s an exhibition at the Markthalle building all this week, running up to a discussion forum and public vote on Saturday, run by Spreeufer für Alle, and showing a range of alternative proposals to the mainly crushingly dull office developments that are likely to actually be built as Mediaspree.

What was the other thing… oh yeah – also a part of Experimentdays11 this week is the Wohnprojektborse at the DAZ, showcasing* 20 cooperative projects along the Spreeufer. You could join one if you have the cash.

*I hate this word, but it’s late, I’m tired and it sounds better than just ‘showing’.


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