Put on Eis. (10 May 2010)

A recent Tweet from Baustelle drew my attention to the fact that demolition has begun on one of the last ‘fabulous industrial ruins’* in central Berlin. (As always with links to the Morgenpost, just Google the headline, and you can sidestep the charging system).  Although the ‘Eisfabrik’ (icecream factory) element is to remain, the cold stores and other buildings are to go. Or something.  To be honest, I’m not very clear from the article: part is being demolished, part has been demolished/allowed to collapse in the past, part will remain. Senate Building Director Regula Lüscher (my new hero, since her decision on the Hejduk tower) remains optimistic, although I’m unclear why.
Current owner of the site, TLG, asks why anyone should care, suggesting that their new designs for the site could be considered worthy of protection in 300 years time.  Discuss.

I climbed through a whole in the fence to take these images, back in April 2008. I was spotted by someone across the river at Radialsystem V (a former pumping station, converted, admittedly with some style,  into a venue for contemporary dance). The police came, expecting a chance for some exciting harrassment of the people from the squat across the road, but were disappointed to find only me.  I was sent on my way.

And across the river, Radialsystem V – so named because it was the 5th of five pumping stations, and, er, designed as part of a radial system of some sort:

*Or grim reminder of the collapse of east German industry, which led immediately to large-scale structural unemployment that still remains a huge problem twenty years later. And now provides nothing but photo-fodder for idiotic British and American expats with time on their hands.

Post-blog addition: not only did I miss a protest a week or so ago about the demolition, but I missed fire there too.  Luckily, everything that occurs everywhere is now captured on video:


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