Hejduk latest (21 March 2010)

27 March:

As usual, a good summary over at SLAB, with things moving on apace. And the petition, which as Ian at SLAB notes has become a Who’s Who of architectural ‘names’, stood at 2553. Which is nice.

23 March:

BerlinHaus have posted an interesting statement on their site, here, in essence saying that they recognise the strength of public feeling and are willing to enter into dialogue about the building’s facades.  A little unclear, but sounds like promising news.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported us so far!

At the moment of writing, the petition over 1300 signatures, including a host of influential figures.

21 March:

The word is spreading across a plethora of blogs and online publications – thanks to everyone who’s carrying this – I hope to go back and read all the new sites I’ve discovered in the last few days, and will be linking and promoting in return!

Interestingly, developer Berlinhaus have removed their architect’s proposal images from their site and replaced them with an image of the buildings before the work started (which doesn’t, to be honest, give a very good impression as they look quite dilapidated).

Ian over at SLAB-mag has a thorough and detailed update on all of this, so I won’t attempt to reproduce it all here – his post also still has the original proposal images. Berlinhaus have recently commented that the balconies and sunshades shown in these images are in fact not pink, but blue.  Ian’s keen camera may have spotted one, although he’s not sure whether it’s just an undercoat:

(thanks Ian for the photo)

A small sample of the people carrying the story:

sleek magazine



Fantastic Journal



The Architect’s Newspaper

Nicht Winken in der Haupstadt

…and many, many more, as they say.


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