Hejduk hits the press… (29 March 2010)

A quick update to report that the Berliner Morgenpost have run the story here.  As someone has helpfully pointed out, you can read the rest of the article (the BM is one of those publications who think ring-fencing their content online is going to save them) by Googling “Stararchitekten kämpfen für den Kreuzberg-Turm” and clicking on the results.

I don’t want to prejudice any discussions currently ongoing, so can’t say much yet about what else is happening in terms of the actual status of the refurbishment works. But plenty is…

I will say though that the petition is approaching 3,000, and likely to be wound up at the end of this week, so do sign if you haven’t already.

Thanks again for the huge support which so many of you have given this campaign.

Further update, Tuesday 30th March – today’s print version of the Berliner Morgenpost carried the same text, but with a supportive and substantial quotation from Daniel Libeskind.

Stararchitekten kämpfen für den Kreuzberg-Turm


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