Is it premature to rejoice at the end of Winter?  Probably.  But today the melting continued on the streets, revealing in archaeological detail layers of fag butts, dog’s poo and general grime.  The bottom layer is comprised almost entirely of spent fireworks from New Year’s safety-free celebrations.

The Landwehrkanal is yet to completely unfreeze, but I notice there are no longer people on it, skating, walking or otherwise.  Maybe the ones who tried over the last few days are now under the ice?

All of which reminded me that there was a time before Berlin was covered in snow and ice (this is a very weak ploy, by the way, to link in to the images below, taken late last year on a Tag des Offenen Denkmals, plus a couple from the Summer).  I was routing through my hard drive and realised that I never did actually put the photos up, or blog about them.  They’re of the Haus des Lehrers and the adjoining Kongresshalle in Alexanderplatz, both designed by Hermann Henselmann, the chameleon architect of the GDR (he also designed large parts of Karl-Marx-Allee, which is very different from the Haus des Lehrers).  The socialist realist mural, which runs in a continuous band on all four sides of the tower, is by Walter Womacka, an artist who’s still around and productive.


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