All just a facade (4)

News reaches me* that the Humboldt Forum, Berlin’s deeply pointless and Disney-esque plan to rebuild Berlin’s Baroque palace for the benefit of vacuous tourists, has hit a major glitch, with the winning architect being disqualified when it was realised his practice never met the criteria for entry into the competition.

A more coherent summary over at SLAB mag, and piece at der Taggesspiel (auf Deutsch).

My own previous witterings on the matter here, here and here, and a good site on the subject over at Schlossdebatte.

I can’t be the only person who’s already growing quite fond of the existence of a great big space in the centre of Berlin, complete with surviving hints of a colossal concrete basement, all overseen by the micro-presence of the Temporäre Kunsthalle.  Enjoy the view while it while it lasts.

*Quickly, for once.  The fact that’s in all the press, and several people told me yesterday, means I’m actually briefly up to date, rather than writing excitedly about something that occurred in 1984.

Thanks to Stibatz at Flickr for the image.


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