Gustav Peichl, Water Treatment Works, Alt Tegel

I’ve written about the IBA architecture at Alt Tegel (not so far from the airport of the same name, but very pretty) before, but recently I went along on a tour of the water treatment plant there, by Austrian architect Gustav Peichl. Rock n roll, yeah. Peichl’s other most notable work in Berlin is the children’s daycare centre just across from the Reichstag, a small flash of wit and charm in zone of otherwise overbearing and rather pompous architecture.

Peichl’s work here is notable within the IBA for:

a) not being housing, and

b) for being a surprisingly imaginative take on a typology (hate that word) not often addressed by architects at all.

The overriding idea is of the bridge of a ship – expressed quite obviously I guess, but it’s still great fun.

I assume those portholes are redundant, as they’re not visible within; the control room is all blinking lights and let’s-pretend-it’s-a-nuclear-facility.

Which leaves the side wings of the ‘bridge’ for… reforestation.

Devil in details, in this case very clearly Star Trek:

Meanwhile, below decks, MASSIVE PIPEWORK

I’ve consolidated all of my Tegel IBA photos here btw, including as a bonus some rather fetching sunsets across the frozen lake, and some wildlife. This offsets the very many images of pipework doing its sewage treatment thing.

Doesn’t show up on Google maps, although is clearly visible on satellite, but I believe is on Schloßstraße.