New Books

I’ve started reviewing books as separate posts, links to these are below, with the most recent at the top.

Traces of Terror – Sites of Nazi Tyranny in Berlin
(Spuren des Terrors – Stätten nationalsozialistischer Gewaltherrschaft in Berlin)

A fascinating study of important sites and buildings around Berlin.

Bruno Taut: Master of colourful architecture in Berlin

A much better book than the title might suggest, and an essential guide to Taut’s Berlin work.

Other books which I haven’t got, but which look interesting:

Unless stated otherwise, books below are published in both german and english versions (or both in a single version). I’ve put an Amazon link for each, although these are generally available in stores around Berlin (I’ve left my sticky paw prints on many of these recently in the bookshop at the Temporäre Kunsthalle on Unter den Linden).

Berlin Modernism Housing Estates (Siedlungen der Berliner Moderne)

Verlagshaus Braun ISBN 978-3-03768-000-1

This looks like a must – covers the six most important 1920s Berlin housing estates , including the Britz ‘Horsehoe’ estate.  First released in ’07 but about an updated version, I’m guessing to address the awarding of UNESCO World Heritage status last year to all six.  Listed on Amazon in the german version, but so far not yet released (not clear if April or July?).   Braun are a pretty big publisher of all things Berlin architectural, including the essential, I-never-leave-home-without-it, Berlin Architekturstadtplan (Architecture City Map),the Berlin Architecture Guide and also the annual guide to new architecture in Berlin, this year inventively titled Architektur Berlin 09 (in German only).

raumlaborberlin – acting in public

I’ve been meaning to blog about Raumlabor Berlin for a while nowI’m finding myself less interested these days in reading reams of PR from Important Contemporary Architects, and much more interested in this sort of thing. Actually the book’s press blurb says it best: Mountain hiking in the ruins of Berlin’s Palast der Republik, a hotel in an abandoned prefab high-rise, an architectural sculpture in an allotment garden: for the last ten years the raumlaborberlin interdisciplinary team has been carrying out sensational interventions and activities that are shaping a new perception of architecture […]. The common objective is to attract attention to alternative strategies of urban renewal and urban planning and to encourage residents to become involved in shaping their living environments: “We call on people to get involved, we want to show them that becoming part of urban processes is worth the risk.”

Amazon link.

Also a brace of books about train stations:

Stations in Germany – Modern Urban Centers

Jovis – ISBN 978-3-939633-47-1

I have a bit of a nerd’s interest in stations, and there’s been some good German ones of late. Also, in Germany stations are one of the few locations where shops can open on sundays, leading to some fairly amitiously sized structures; Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof’s shopping zones, for instance, are large enough to hold the entire population of Belgium. Probably. Includes Foster’s Dresden station reconstruction, which I’ve photographed extensively, but only put one image on Flickr so far, for some reason.  Amazon here.

Converting Berlin Südkreuz

This second station book, to be strict, is not about Berlin’s Südkreuz station itself, but the area around it; currently the sort of urban junk space that only IKEA can love, but currently aspiring to much greater things. (Only the german version on


One thought on “New Books

  1. i was contacted by Jovis asking for permission to use a photo of mine for their volume on stations in germany. “of course” i said, and was promised a review copy for my trouble. well, needless to say, i never heard from them again and still don’t know if they used the photo. guess i better head down to the bookstore and find out.
    PS: Happy Birthday!

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