A Career in Ruins

Given that this is a Berlin architecture blog, it seems a shame to say nothing about the Neues Museum, whose doors were opened to the public a couple of weeks ago for a quick glimpse of the completed reconstruction, prior to being filled with all the things that museums are full of.  I do of course take an increasingly perverse joy in steering away from the well known towards the arcane, and I’m sure you’ve read loads about it everywhere else.

I did go along though, along with the other zillion people who visited in those three crowded days, and have dutifully put my photos on Flickr.

I would just say that if you do somehow get a chance to see inside before the official October opening, take it.  The (apparently controversial) reconstruction of Stüler’s building by David Chipperfield Architects and Julian Harrap is an entirely more complex affair than the ‘this bit is old, this bit is lovely new high tech’ approach typified by Foster* and such.  It’s all the more fascinating for the fact that the building was a real ruin for over sixty years, despite being in the middle of a major city.

*Not that I have anything against Lord Norman’s approach, but I found myself at his rebuilt Hauptbahnhof in Dresden a while ago, and couldn’t help thinking I’d seen it something similar by him somewhere before…


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