Concrete cubes.

This was meant to be a blog all about the new housing out at Rummelsburger Bucht.  I set off there this morning, and stopped en route to take a couple of snaps of an interesting thing (see below).  But while I was photographing the interesting thing, my camera battery went dead.  Hence I’m now back at home, and this post will be about the interesting thing instead.

It’s actually four interesting things, set in four courtyards of a coolly renovated industrial building on the corner of Rotherstrasse and Naglerstrasse, round the back of Warschauer Bahnhof.

In each of the building’s four courtyards is a storey-height concrete cube.  Each cube has water permanently trickling down its sides – a sort of fountain in fact – and this water is gradually destroying the structure of the concrete.  Thick moss and lichens grow on the faces of the cubes. Cracks appear. Chunks of the conrete break off, forming miniature caverns.

Worth seeing if you’re passing by.


3 thoughts on “Concrete cubes.

  1. The trials of taking photos in Berlin….
    1. Parked vans (usually white) in front of the said building..
    2. Containers (Rubbish & Building works) everywhere..
    3. Cranes in (nearly) every shot..
    4. The planned photograph can’t be taken because the building has suddenly developed scaffolding.. put it on the ‘to do’ list which generally gets lost..
    5. An unknown person is in such a hurry that he/she must ‘unbedingt’ get past you as you press that button on the camera..
    6. Then of course, the bloody camera won’t work..

    • So true, all so true. Plus, no.7, the appearance of those purple or blue construction water pipes (see my Zaha Hadid block photos).

      I kind of prefer a bit of urban reality though to the perfect ‘archiporn’ photos you get in coffee table books / Flickr groups. My favourite, although unphotographed, is a small block Alvaro Siza did as part of the ‘Bonjour Tristesse’ devpt in Kreuzberg. It never appears in books, perhaps because unlike most of his beautiful, white, sculptural mediterranean-sunlit buildings, it’s totally covered in graffiti. Must blog it, in fact!


  2. I came here and hoped to find a bunch of new blog entries, but no such luck. In order to change that, I have an article for you from yesterday’s Berliner Zeitung, first part of a series, about future buildings in Berlin. You know all about them already, I guess, so it would be only of use to practice German.

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