No longer a blog. More a cry for help.

Someone shoot me.

Cycling up through Neukoln yesterday (a less salubrious area to the south of not-always-that-salubrious Kreuzberg) I noticed this, at the junction of Donaustrasse and Reuterstrasse.  “Nothing special” you say. “In fact, eugh, just some horrible 80s postmodern dreck. Take it away and show me some nice new cool stuff”.

And I know you’re right.  But I can’t help myself.

It caught my eye because I thought the facade is nicely proportioned, then when I got closer I noticed that the left and right ends of the facade are not in fact just that – a facade* – with a space behind them open to the sky. 

So I’m acquiring a taste for 80s postmodernism.  When it was just Berlin IBA stuff, I could excuse my strange prediliction on grounds of its historical importance, and witter on about the need for integration in the urban fabric.

So do please leave an abusive comment; it might bring me back to my senses.


Some, er, interesting concrete formwork around the entrance

Note that the top floor right hand two windows have no room behind them, with the same thing on the left hand side…



*Damn.  I just used the title “it’s all just a facade” on my previous post, when it would have fitted even better here.  Maybe a theme is emerging, and it’s all about to get a bit Robert Venturi?  Decorated shed anyone?


4 thoughts on “No longer a blog. More a cry for help.

  1. hi.

    i’ve been wandering around in this blog for some time now – it has proved to be a fantastic source of information on the modern architecture in berlin, especially, of course, the iba projects (in fact, trying to figure out what the hell iba meant is how i ended up here). basically what i wanted to say – thanks a lot and rock on!

    p.s. – i’ve never been to berlin but will come in spring with my course, the value of this blog will then be revealed in full glory (wtf did i just say?)

    p.p.s. – your blog has kinda softened my feelings for postmodern architecture and i don’t know if i should punch you or thank you for that 😀

  2. Probably a punch is appropriate, but thanks is preferable!
    I passed the building again today and was less impressed (amazing how much better things look on a sunny day…). By way of penance, have just been out to see Bruno Taut’s Britz estate, so a post on that due shortly.

    Thanks for the comments


  3. Jim, I have been this way myself and I have to say it only gets harder: the scorn, the moral opprobrium, the threatening phone calls in the middle of the night! Most of them I suspect from Jonathon Glancey. Pull yourself together man before its too late!

  4. Thanks Charles, I should have the courage of my convictions, shouldn’t I?

    By the way, did you see Kieren Long’s Venice biennale review in AJ the other week? (I can’t remember which ‘other week’ as the AJ takes about three weeks to get to Berlin for some reason)

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