IBA Berlin 1987 Flickr Group

Regular viewers will have realised by now that I have three methods of procuring the images on this site:

1.  Taking a snap with my camera phone as I wobble past, often without getting off my bike. These are easy to spot, and often feature my thumb, or a passer-by junping out of the way.

2.  Borrow my girlfriend’s digi-SLR, and point it at things without ever knowing or caring what most of the buttons are for.  This accounts for most of the images so far.

3.  Noticing that someone else has put a much better photo on Flickr, and pilfering it, with only a mumbled apologetic footnote.

Obviously method no.3 is by far the best, as it saves me valuable time, which I will spend wisely (by sitting in the cafe next door, pondering on the nature of architecture).

To this end, I’ve started a Flickr group here.  It’s just for IBA 1987 images, as this is the strongest thread of this blog.

At the time of writing, it has only two members (me and my girlfriend) and no images.  So I’m off to invite joinees and add some myslf, but please do join up and add your own.





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