IBA 87 – now available in green.

Thought I’d mention this as increasingly I get my own site when Googling for IBA stuff, so seems I could become a collective point.

For those with good German, I came across a Pdf (in two bits) reviewing five ‘eco’ projects forming part of the IBA. What’s interesting about these is they’re mainly concerned with how to upgrade existing buildings – a less glamorous but more important issue, as most buildings were built quite a while ago.

They’re here and here. One of the buildings is by Germany’s best known architect/engineer Frei Otto. I’ll be off to do visits/photos shortly. Be rude not to, as they’re all pretty local (it’s a Kreuzberg thing…).




All the images are here. (although admittedly I couldn’t get a clear shot – they need to cut all those trees down….)

There’s also reference to ongoing projects ‘spawned’ by the IBA – one of which, Bernburger Strasse, has an entire reed bed water recycling plant within its Hof, which I came across by accident a while ago (photos to follow as soon as I locate them).

An older image, borrowed from someone on Flickr, of one of the Frei Otto-directed buildings (also on rauchstrasse, across the road from the Rob Krier stuff)

Have a look at some of her stuff here, which includes some snaps of Rauchstrasse, all from 1998:



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